I've been painting people's faces since I could hold a
paintbrush. I encountered my first patron when I was
about 17 years old. He was a local disco DJ (this was
around 1970/71) and commissioned portraits of rock
and pop stars painted with fluorescent poster paint.
I discovered oils around the same time and since then
it has always been my preferred medium.

In 2006 I joined the
Hesketh Hubbard Art Society and in 2009 became the Honorary
Secretary. The Society is open to anyone with a passion for drawing and holds an
annual exhibition at the
Mall Galleries (just off Trafalgar Square). Since retirement I
have regrettably had to relinquish my membership of this august society.

From December 2009 until 2014 I was a member of the
United Society of Artists. I was
the UA Honorary Secretary for over a year and a member of the UA Council until 2013.
Portraits by Eric Jobbins
Portraits by Eric Jobbins